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Political/Ulster links + foreign links
We may not agree with all the views expressed within these sites, but recognise their legitimate ideas and cultures!

Political/Ulster links
Ulster Nation An online Ulster-Nationalist publication in support of Ulster Third Way U3W
Ulster Third Way New-Age political philosophy a radical voice within the Ulster Nationalist movement and beyond!
Boord'O Ulster-Scotch Ulster Scots Agency, set up to provide and develop knowledge about the Ulster-Scots language etc.
Ulster Explained What it say's!

Foreign Links
dixienet A non-racist organisation of proud Southern (Confederate) Americans, seeking cultural independence via honorable means!
Hawai'i Nation Non-violent Hawai'ian nationalist organisation seeking legitimate recognition outside American Imperialism
English Parliament Campaign Website of the Campaign for an English Parliament, an English Nationalist group!
Alaskan Independence Party Great site, of the Alaskan Independence Party. Good links and arguments on behalf of independence and liberty seekers everywhere!
Scottish National Party Left-Wing national Party seeking Scottish independence, this link shows the Scottish desire for Independence from a Socialist-Democratic perspective
Plaid Cymru Another Socialist site this time seeking Independence for Wales/Cymru, once again it shows the growing independence movements in the UK!
Full Veldi Foroe Islands independence site seeking Self-Determination via cooperation with Denmark!
Freedom Front Afrikaner political party in South Africa seeking Cultural independence.
Worldwide Political Links